Top 5 Best Effective Twisting Exercises for a Slim Waist

We all think abs will give us those washboard-perfect abs, right? But the abs alone can do nothing to dissolve the layer of fat from the abdominal muscles. The first step to getting a strong core is to get rid of all the slack in your belly. The Twist exercise does just that. They target fat and at the same time work on the core muscles. The twist exercise works not only on the upper and lower abdomen but also on the diagonal muscles.

So, turn up the volume on your music and start twisting your way into your abs from a great fountain! In this post, I will show you five twisting exercises and how to do them to get rid of sagging and slim your hips. Let us begin.

1. Chris Cross:

The loss of crunch, also known as a bicycle accident, is a crunch exercise with a twist. Therefore, you can reap the benefits of both exercises. It targets the core muscles, strengthens them, and at the same time gives you good aerobic exercise. Great way to attack that ab-flab!


  1. Lying on the mat. Raise the back of your head and shoulders off the ground. Don’t push your neck.
  2. Engage your core and relax your shoulders. This is the initial position.
  3. Straighten your right leg and at the same time turn your upper body to the left so that your right elbow touches your left knee.
  4. Return to the starting position.
  5. Next, straighten your left leg, turn your upper body to the right, and touch your left elbow with your right knee. This completes one iteration.
  6. Repeat 3 sets of 15 times each.

2. Windmill:

The windmill is the perfect twisting exercise for your abs, obliques, and glutes. It can be done unweighted or weighted. Make sure you start light, so you don’t hurt your back. Also, don’t do this exercise if you have a lower back injury.


  1. Remain with the two feet shoulder-width separated and remain in a L-formed position with one foot out.
  2. Push your hips a little and move your weight to your straight legs.
  3. Handle the portable weight with one hand and contact lift it.
  4. Spot your other hand inside your thigh with your palm open. This is the underlying position.
  5. Then, keep your legs straight and breathe in and lower with your arms expanded. Attempt to contact the discovered foot with the other hand. Watch the portable weight as you bring down your body.
  6. Delay briefly and afterward return to the beginning position. Breathe out as you do it.
  7. Do likewise on the opposite side.
  8. Rehash multiple times on the two sides for 2 sets.

3. Standing Bar Twist:

Standing bar twists are also known as diagonal twists. They work your shoulders, upper back, and abdominal muscles. They work in difficult areas that most twisting exercises cannot reach. It is also great for warming up the upper body.


  1. Remain with your legs somewhat more extensive than your shoulders.
  2. Spot a (bar or strong bar of any material) on your shoulder. Stretch your arms with the bar to get and snatch your wrists.
  3. Put your chest out and twist your shoulders back to look ahead. This is the underlying position.
  4. Presently turn your chest area to one side and right without moving your lower body. Anticipate it when you go to one or the other side.
  5. Rehash 3 arrangements multiple times each.

4. Torsion of the Rotator Disc:

Rotating discs are flat circular discs. They are common gym and home gym equipment that effectively target the abdominal muscles and help eliminate abdominal and side fat. It is also a fun exercise. You can do it with a chair or wall to support it. Once you feel comfortable and improve your balance and coordination, you can do it without support.


  1. Spot the rotator on the ground.
  2. Step on and discharge your legs at the hips. Twist your knees a little. Close your hands with your clenched hands and carry them to your chest (see picture). In case he’s unequal, hold him behind a seat or a divider.
  3. Connect with your center and start to move your foot from one side to another. Try not to bend your chest area.
  4. Rehash 3 arrangements multiple times each.

5. Banana Twist:

This is another exercise that resembles a Russian twist. However, it also includes abdominal exercises. Very effective in strengthening, toning, improving balance, and eliminating fat from the abdomen.


  1. Lying on the floor with your legs together and your arms stretched out over your head.
  2. Raise your legs and arms off the ground. Move your center muscles and pack your gluteal muscles. This is the underlying position.
  3. Kindly plunk down. Follow the curved way and bring your arms from over your head to approach your knees. Simultaneously, twist your knees.
  4. Turn left and right ceaselessly. Breathe out.
  5. Get back to the beginning position. Breathe in.
  6. Rehash 3 arrangements multiple times each.


Getting rid of the slack in your stomach can be a hassle and requires rigorous dedication. Fortunately, you can speed up the process by adding a twist to your exercise routine. You move all the abdominal muscles and quickly remove the lateral fat and the bulges in the front part of the abdomen. So go ahead and start these 5 abs twist exercises at least 3 times a week. Don’t forget to eat healthy, hydrate, and sleep well!

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