Reviews of FitPaws Dog Training Products In 2023

FitPaws Dog Training – FitPaws is a relatively new company in the pet care industry. They produce a distinct line of products for dog rehabilitation and fitness. FitPaws provides a wide range of fitness tools for dogs through partnerships with Colorado State University, the Dog Rehabilitation Institute, and other institutions.

Reviews of FitPaws Dog Training Products In 2023:

These products can assist owners in getting their dogs in shape, strengthening their bond with their dogs, learning new behaviors, and supporting injury healing.

The designs of FitPaws products are like those of rehabilitation and strength training equipment for humans. However, they are tailored to the requirements and physical abilities of a dog.

The FitPaws product offering incorporates balance sheets and cushions, inflatable equilibrium bones, plates, peanuts, and obstacles, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The core muscles and various joints can be strengthened through a variety of specific exercises and movements made possible by these products. Additionally, each one provides distinctive approaches to mentally stimulating and engaging your dog.

Items from FitPaws:

FitPaws provides a wide range of product choices. Their primary focus is on wobble and inflatable boards that help improve balance and strengthen the core. However, the company also possesses other exercise tools like targets and jumping jacks.

I had the valuable chance to give three of their items a shot of my dogs. I received the FitPaws Balance Disc, FitPaws Balance Pad, and K9FitBone Mini Balance Training Platform all in one package.

Mini Balance Training Platform from K9FitBone:

There are many applications for these inflatables with bones. ideal for strengthening the core and extremities as well as stability training. However, it can also be used for general behavior and bonding training, as well as to improve coordination, stimulate the senses, and boost your dog’s confidence.

The two bones in the mini set can be used together or independently. There is a pump and one bone inflatable in each of these larger sizes.

These inflatables’ fun bone designs serve a purpose. Your dog will have ample room to place his paws on the wide ends, and the thin center section will allow him to sway slightly to improve his balance. Air can be added or taken out to adjust the bones’ looseness.

The fact that the bone is different on each side has an important impact as well. The bone cannot slide on the floor or under the foot because one side is smooth and has a few small, round bumps. On the opposite side, hundreds of protruding nodes stimulate the senses.

Because they allow you to exercise only your dog’s front or back legs, mini bones are useful. On the other hand, you can utilize both simultaneously to reinforce the two finishes while fortifying your center.

Disc for Balance FitPaws:

Dog balance discs from FitPaws are very similar to those found in strength training and physical therapy centers for humans. Be that as it may, it is dog-measured and has a few additional elements planned explicitly for dogs.

Like inflatable equilibrium circles for people, this plate is expected to move dogs to adjust. In addition to increasing stability, this also strengthens the muscles in the core and legs, thereby supporting stronger joints and stimulating the mind. To accommodate dogs of various sizes, the discs come in two sizes.

These discs, like balance bones, have interesting bumps and textured sides. To prevent slipping, the other side has raised bumps and is smoother.

The more the plate swells, the more troublesome it is to keep up with balance. This is an incredible element that permits you to adjust your dog’s abilities to make additional difficult activities as your dog’s abilities get to the next level.

You can train one leg with the balance disc alone or with the K9FitBone or another disc to train both legs.

FitPaws Equilibrium Cushion:

The Balance Pad is probably the easiest of FitPaw’s balance and strength training products for dogs to use. When you apply pressure to this pad, it does not shake or wobble. The dog must work his leg and trunk muscles to maintain his balance because of this slight instability. This option is recommended by FitPaw for novices or injured dogs.

It is a great product to start training your dog to use these therapy devices because of its straightforward shape and friendly feel made of foam. I think my dog became acclimated to it rapidly.

The equilibrium stage is one size fits all. It only comes in one color and doesn’t need any more pumps or tools.

Is the FitPaws deal good?

If you’re searching for a free preparing instrument, have a serious competitor, a functioning dog, or a little guy recuperating from a physical issue, these items merit the cost.

These products are better for dogs because they have some special features, unlike similar products made for humans.

First and foremost, it is designed to fit small dog legs and various dog breeds. This is essential to guarantee legitimate muscle development and keep away from injury during use.

But the most important thing is that it is built to last long enough to withstand the sharpest dog claws. These items last a long time and are well worth the money.


Overall, these FitPaws products have impressed me greatly. In just two weeks, I noticed an improvement in my dog’s strength and balance when I tried the K9FitBone Mini Balance Training Platform, Balance Disc, and Balance Pad. I also loved how excited they were about these new challenges and how much they enjoyed working with me during the training.

We believe that this is an excellent addition to your daily routine that will also strengthen your bond with your dog and is ideal for owners of working dogs, athletes, dogs that require physical therapy, and owners who are looking to train new puppies.

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