About Our Family

Thanks for visiting Happy Pet Labs! We hope you find what you need. If you don’t, please contact us using our contact info at the bottom of the page. 

We thought we’d tell you a little bit about ourselves. We’re a family-owned, small business operation based out of sunny (and humid!) Houston, Texas. As you might imagine, in our climate we are all too familiar with fleas and other annoying pests!

Our story is similar to many of our friends, and many of our customers. One day, almost four years ago, our animals came in from the backyard and they were positively covered in fleas. Our only option was to get an expensive prescription option that would set us back by more than $90. You read that right, $90! After talking with some neighbors, we found there weren’t many better options.

Here’s where the little light bulb in our heads went off!

After doing some research, we came across Nitenpyram as an option. We did our best to make sure it was of the highest quality (we’d be using it on our own pets, after all), and it was cheaper than $90. We also gave some to our neighbors to use on their pets. Sure enough, it was just as good as that freakin’ $90 prescription stuff. 

Three years later, Happy Pet Labs is running strong and we've expanded to the Internet! 

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