Should You Give Your Dog Raw Food?

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Now, more than ever, dog owners are looking into alternatives for their friend’s diet. It makes sense - we’re becoming more aware of what’s in our food, and what is good and what is harmful. It stands to reason that we might also care about what our furry friends are consuming, too.

I’ve been doing some research on the subject, and I want to keep Happy Pet Labs customers informed on the newest trends and the best ways to care for your dog.

First, let’s go over why people are advocating for raw food diets.  Common benefits claimed by raw food dog owners are that their pets have: better teeth, less bad breath, more consistent energy, healthier fur, and less injuries for their pets, and better lives for pets if a raw food diet is started at birth.

Those are a lot of benefits! Part of the problem that raw food owners have with grains is that most dogs can’t properly process grains, which is what most dry food is made out of. On the other hand, raw diets for dogs normally include the following:

Muscle meat(on the bone), bones, organs, and raw eggs. I have found that some raw dog food owners believe that vegetables are good for dogs, while others claim that dogs cannot properly process carbohydrates. It might be good to experiment with your type of dog. You should also be sure to look up

There are some downsides: 1, dogs can potentially choke on bones given as part of the diet. 2, the dog might have trouble adjusting. 3, the human or dog could get sick since the food is raw.

So, is it worth going raw? It certainly could be, but the biggest hurdle I see is formulating the right type of daily nutrition for your dog. Wet and dry dog foods are normally designed for certain types of dogs. It’s very easy to give your dog a decent daily meal with the mass-produced options. On the other hand, with raw diets, you need to purchase everything yourself, and it will be a lot more expensive. Secondly, there is more room for error. Not enough protein, and your dog will be weak. Not enough fats, and your dog will get sick more often and its fur won’t be nice. Not enough calcium, and your dog could have brittle bones.

Personally, the most effective raw meat diets seem to be a blend of egg shells, organ meats, and then muscle meat. This blend is much better for your dog because you will be able to properly give your dog all the right nutrients that it needs. Also, there is a lot less chance of your dog choking on a bone. Speaking of which, most raw food dog owners I’ve spoken to recommend chicken and turkey bones. Beef bones are way too tough. Larger dogs might be able to have pork, but that’s about it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough room to go over all the right ratios of calcium, protein, and other components. What I can say though, is that there definitely is a lot of potential to have a much healthier and happier dog with a raw diet. However, you will need to be on top of your game if you really want to succeed. Thanks for reading.

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