October 2017 Pet of the Month - Pudding

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Welcome to our first ever pet of the month! We were really overwhelmed by the number of submissions.

Pets are so amazing, aren’t they? We’ve seen so many different kinds and breeds. All of them are majestic, or funny, or cool in their own way. I could keep going on and on, so I will stop myself here. Frankly, all the submissions were so good, we chose to use a lottery system to determine the Pet of the Month. If you already submitted your pet for the Pet of the Month, don’t fret - your pet will be in the lottery until it gets chosen!

Without further ado, our first pet: Pudding! Her owners are Eric and Beverly. Beverly tells me that almost 7 years ago, a striking Norwegian Forest Cat came out from under a dock and sat in her lap. Talk about making a strong first impression! Pudding was already spayed, and according to the vet, was about 2-3 years old. I’m informed that she is the Queen of the House. : )

A picture of a cat on stairs with green eyes and brown/black fur

Pudding has some beautiful, piercing green eyes, and definitely looks like she feels large and in charge!. Congratulations to Eric and Beverly on their cat. May we all be so lucky as to be chosen by our companion.

Do you want your pet to be the next star? Just email us at [email protected] with a favorite photo of your pet, its name, a small description about it, and we’ll enter it in. It’s completely free to do so, and winners get a $10 coupon for use in our store. Let the whole world know about how cool your pets are!

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